Disneyland IS the happiest place on Earth! – 2001

After our initial meeting the longest we were apart was probably a couple of months which to me still seemed like an eternity. Something I must mention is, I am a terrible flyer. In fact as a kid I used to always end up using the uhh… paper bag the airlines so kindly provide. At least I don’t throw up anymore but I’m a big bag of nerves. Silly or irrational as it may be, flying is just not my thang. So you know it’s for love that I did that much flying. I hadn’t articulated it as love at that point but it was there all the same.

October came around and Tom took a trip up this way again. We had decided that we would have him meet the Boys, my Mom and my friend Kitty (who had already been complaining that she hadn’t met him as yet to make HER call as to how ‘worthy’ he was of me) We picked up the Boys from their Father’s and spent some time with them. Of course they had heard a lot about Tom and it wasn’t any surprise. They liked him right away and he was great with them. I always think Kids are very intuitive about people and they usually are on the mark with their first impressions. Mom loved him immediately and so did everyone else who met him.

In November there was the Telemundo Staff picnic which that year was held at Magic Mountain so Tom invited me down for the weekend. Prior to going off to wander the park and ride on some of the coasters we sat down and had some food with his co-worker and I got a chance to get to know a few of them. Tom won a camcorder as a doorprize! He almost missed hearing the number as he was busy chatting They were reading out the numbers in Spanish and I was reading along with my Sesame Street Spanish and I was all… wait a minute! I think you won…. He is pretty good at understanding Spanish though, I guess working around it for so many years you can’t help but pick it up.

I was chatting with two of the Staffers Elaine and Gilah at the picnic table explaining more about how we had met and they were both tickled. They both admitted they had tried the whole ‘net thing but hadn’t really taken it seriously. I explained to them that I hadn’t been looking for anyone that way, neither had Tom it was just what happened.

After the meal we ventured out with Gilah, Elaine and her friend to go ride the coasters. We all got into line to ride on the “Viper” which has those over the shoulder safety harnesses and padded head guards which were the ideal place to smack you around a lil when you go through the twists and turns. It was fun though. Elaine wasn’t the biggest coaster fan so it was funny hearing her cry of ‘OHHH MAWWWYYY GAWWWWD’ in her New York accent. That ended up being the only coaster we went on together. Tom and Elaine’s friend went on the Joker and we stood and yapped while they had their fun. I wasn’t feeling very good so we decided to ditch and go home. Man it was HOT there! I swear I could feel the heat from the concrete through the soles of my shoes.

We had also planned for me to attend the Staff Christmas Party in early December. I booked my flight down and then it was cancelled (go figure) but it didn’t matter as really I was only caring that we got to spend some time together, it didn’t matter where. Tom suggested that maybe we take a day and go to Disneyland. I had not been there since Chris my oldest (who is going to be 18 this year) was three years old. I jumped at the chance to go and we both had a great time acting like kids. We met up with Tina (a friend of Tom’s) and some of her friends for dinner but spent the majority of the day/evening by ourselves. Disneyland was all done up for Christmas with lights and decorations and even snow after the final fireworks show it was SO much fun. I really love that place and it was so nice to share it with Tom. We road for the first time what has turned out to be our favourite ride at Disneyland (Mr Toad’s Wild Ride) for a very funny reason. For anyone that hasn’t been on that ride you are in an old fashioned car and it takes you along a track and it pops up different scenes from some Disney movie that has toads in it (don’t ask me which one I have NO idea!)

I’ve always had a habit of grabbin Tom’s butt… ehem… well, Tom is a usually a wee bit more gentlemanly than me so he decided to give me a payback during the ride (you are in a car inside this ride nobody can see you… or CAN THEY??) we what he didn’t know/had forgotten was that once you enter the ride you for a split second pop back out to where folks are waiting in line to get on. He goes to give my uhhh Ta Ta’s a grab and in mid grab we come busting out of the ride, right in front of a cute lil nuclear family (Mom, Dad, 2.5 kids) who looked a little more than surprised HAHAHA!! Now poor Tom was a wee bit embarrassed at first and I was.. well frankly I was BUSTING my gut laughing and he started laughing too. We joked that we were going to end up in the Disney jail for indecency! It’s one of those silly memories that still makes us chuckle and we always make a point of going on that ride. We even bought a little toy souvenir car and have posed jokingly in front of the ride which I must say people never understood why we found a tame kiddie ride so hilarous.


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