Packing up- December 2003

Poor Tom had a lot of work to do. Luckily he had already found a buyer for his Condo as Iris one of his co-workers hearing that he was going to be moving eventually expressed interest in buying it. At that point the timeframe was unknown so when the time came to actually do it Tom checked to see if she was still interested and she was!

They got started on the process of the sale and Tom also go to working on getting rid of a LOT of his posessions. He would be moving into my place which was already pretty jammed up with stuff and really I had all that we would need. It was more his personal stuff that he would need to bring. This meant that he had a lot of bigger ticket items to unload.

We planned the big move for mid December hoping that the weather would hold out as was taking time off and we were going to drive up from California together. The plan was to put his stuff in storage somewhere close to the border so when the passport request came to send it in to Buffalo to get the immigration visa attached it would be just a matter of driving across the line and ‘Land’ along with his stuff. He had decided that he would only take what would fit in his car and no more.

One night in early December I logged onto E-Client as normal expecting to see the same ole same ole and to my shock I saw the words ‘Decision Made’ and that a letter had been sent to Tom regarding the decision!! I started shaking I was so excited!! I tried to call Tom on his cell but he didn’t answer. I left him a rambling excited message and waited for him to call me back. It didn’t say what the decision was, for that matter if it was a good one but in my bones I felt that it was over and we were approved. When we called me back we had an excited conversation and he said that the MINUTE he got the letter he would call me and let me know what it said.

Decision Made on E-Client!!

It finally arrived and it was still a week shy of when of the planned move. He considered flying to Buffalo and getting the visa but there was no guarantee that it would be done the same day so we decided to courier his passport there and then ask Iris to stop by and check the mailbox (as the passport had to be sent to the address on record and chances are we would be on our way to Canada by the time it arrived)

It scared us to do this as she wouldn’t be living there right away and we were afraid it would get lost or something but we had to take the chance.

By the time I was ready to fly down poor Tom was still struggling to get rid of his things. He had posted a sign in his complex and was letting the stuff go for a song. Towards the end he was giving away the remainders. By the time I arrive he had managed to unload all but a few things and even the Bed which he had sold to his neighbour. He agreed to let us keep it until the morning we were going to leave.

The place was still in huge disaray. Tom always like to say he works best under pressure (not true btw haha)so I took over and organized everything. Put all the junk or donations in one section of the livingroom and then helped him consolidate everything he WAS considering taking with him, boxing it up and keeping a list of the contents, numbering each box and cross-referencing the box to a master list (see I told you I was anal)

Packing and organizing..

Bee the packing Nazi

We made several runs to the Charity places and mutiple walks to the dumpster to get rid of the junk it was pretty late by then but we were all done and fell into bed exhausted!

The inspection done etc Tom had already given Iris the keys and told her he would send the other one down to her after we were gone.

In the morning we packed up the car to the rafters locked up for the final time and then set out on the drive up to Canada!

Locking the door of his old condo for the last time

Locking up for the last time

The car is packed to the tits

I think there is one more square inch on the top left…

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