We’re going to Playland!

Tom emailed me the other day about an opportunity for him to win a family pass for Playland some type of media event dealio where all is free and asked if I was interested, I said heck ya! Playland isn’t exactly a six flags or anything but it’s a fun place to take the kids for a while and has some fun rides. I haven’t been there in YEARS now. Every year there is the Pacific National exhibition on the grounds but they scaled it back some, got rid of some buildings and turned some of the park back into a greenspace which I guess is nice and all that but it kinds ruined it in my opinion. The plan was to move the fair somewhere else but that hasn’t happened as yet.

Turns out he won the passes so we are off to play at Playland tomorrow evening with the Boys yay!! It looks like they are keeping the park open for just the invited few because the hours posted are only until 5:00 pm for the regular folks. Chris took it all in with his characteristic laid back enthusiasm “Well I can’t say for SURE I will want to go.. for instance I COULD be feeling sick tomorrow and not want to go… don’t want you to think it’s a for sure thing” So I went “K you don’t have to come…” which changed his tune a wee bit…. TEENAGERS!! Like I told Tom I think he burned up all of his enthusiasm as a “smallie”…Sean however was excited, said it was “sweet” and used all those words these kids do these days haha..

Godddd is it the fricking weekend yet????????????????

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