Attack of the killer tummy

Whew it’s been a fun few days. I was plagued by some type of stomach ailment which was made worse due to the timing of a certain ‘Aunt’ who came to visit… yeah grrreat timing. I felt like my ass was going to fall off on top of the stomach and intestinal cramps from various different sources… anyway that’s already TMI I knowwwww.

I spent most of yesterday curled up in a fetal position in bed sleeping, which was good because the previous night I didn’t do much of that. I slept that is until my Mom called me because I wasn’t at work (extended away message) and didn’t think that I may be yanno.. sleeping cos I’m sick. Go figguahh?!?!!? Anyway she felt bad for waking me up and I tried to get more shut-eye but wasn’t successful. Probably a good thing because if I slept too much I wouldn’t sleep that night. I’m funny that way, I haven’t got Tom’s wonderful knack of sleeping anywhere, anytime. I would kill for that ability at times. It’s rare but there are days when I come home and nobody is here for a bit, I lay face down on the bed and kind of semi-nap for a while, a big-ass belly flop and I’m out for the count at least for half hour or so. Other times I feel like I want to but the doze never hits.

Most of the time I come home and DO something, be it start to pick up things or start a load of laundry or start dinner or drive the Boys over to their Father’s place. It depends on what’s going on that particular day. If Tom has the day off he will make dinner (or pick it up on the way home). His schedule is the less regular one, especially this week as the poor soul has had two split shifts (where he has to stay downtown between them as it’s so far to come home) starting at the godforsaken hour of 6:30 am and doesn’t get home until after 8:00 pm! We try to hook up for lunch which kills some time for him. It’s still a super long day though! The next couple of days he’s working 6:30am – 10:30am so at least he can come home and nap until I get home and bother him =)

This week is killer because he only has one day off. They are working with scheduling right now which means things haven’t settled into any kind of routine. Summer holidays, people moving around etc contribute and he’s going to cover for someone else who’s got vacation (doing what he used to do at his previous job) so that will mean a bit more juggling in his Dept for that week so it will probably be a few weeks before things shake out.

I’m glad he’s getting a chance to do his THANG again though, if only for a week for now. I’ve watched him in action at his last station and he’s awesome. He had some fun with me when they were off air and I was sitting at the board and he was showing me stuff. He got me to push some buttons and pull a lever and it changed what was up on screen and then freaked me out by making me think I had put what I was doing on air!! I just about peed my pants until he laughed. I know my eyes were as big as saucers! This is standard freak out stuff for those of us clueless people. I shoulda known better…

It was funny/cool how they all treated him like a techno god there. He was the all-knowing wonder of the place. When he wasn’t around everyone would say to me how they all depend on him so much. I would watch from my corner staying out of the way and I was super proud at how confident he was and watch him interact with his coworkers. Iris, the one that bought his condo was so cute. When we were introduced the first time she said “I hate you for taking him away from me.. (they were really good friends from the trenches), but I love you for making him so happy” and gave me a big hug. I thought that was very sweet!

They all thought I was into hockey just because I’m Canadian (I’m not) and those who were, tried to engage me in convos about it.. uhh no dice! Nice bunch of friendly people that didn’t mind some outside chickie sitting around, and in fact went out of their way to talk to me and make me feel welcome. I kinda felt bad when I took Tom away from all that by yanno, marrying him and importing him to Canada (NOT!)

We post-poned going to the Olive Garden due to my tummy issue, we had plans to go on Monday. That was kind of day one and it hadn’t hit the worst yet (that came that night)and I was bummed about not being able to go. We are going to attempt it later this week as the boys are still over at their Dad’s and try and maybe do a movie on Friday (the 40 Year old Virgin looks REALLY funny and I’m not so secretly in love with Steve Carell)…Psst it’s ok Tom knows…so I’m dying to see it.

Will be nice to get a ‘date night’ in, it’s been a while since we’ve done that.

– heehee

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