Getting a relic up and running (No I don’t mean Tom heehee)

Tom’s workplace had retired some old dinosaur computers (ok that THAT bad they are I think 2000 maybe?) all wiped clean so no Op system or anything which is fine and dandy because he still has his OS discs from the old days where that particular computer had gone to a better place…he has an upgrade of Windows 95 so it meant he would have to load Windows 3.1 first and then do the upgrade. It’s just for scanning though, nothing fancy. We have a decent computer now (the new one) and we still have my old one as a back up in the Kid’s room.

He struggled with the lil stinker a bit because well it’s been a while since he had to load an Op system with floppies on a wiped hard drive. I’ve NEVER done that, I’ve always had nice CDs to deal with, but then again Tom’s older than me and has been a computer nerd longer than I have. I’ve reformatted my computers a few times but I at least had windows 95 to start with.


He got it up and running though, at least sort of. Once he did the upgrade to Win 95 it seemed to have some file corrupt or missing and it now says No Operating system found. With his hours lately though this project is gonna probably have to wait before he can get back at it. A teeny bit frustrating for him after all that!!


We did the Olive Garden last night. Not too bad a wait I guess around 35 mins. We had THE slowest dimmest waiter ever though (for the O Garden) which kind of annoyed us both and we both commented on how his tip was shrinking fast. We still gave him a tip though, probably closer to what people normally tip (between 10 – 15 %) we usually tip a lot better. Food was good though, but the Shrimp and Crab Raviolli was not quite as good as the first time I had it. I still hold out hope! We figured maybe they didn’t have enough time to send the dude last night to Tuscany for his training, maybe Guido’s school of Italian Chow…



Us waiting in line outside holding our plate shaped vibrator

We hit up the Best Buy (whoohooo toy store for us!!) for a few DVDs for the crappy TV nights we are plagued with at the moment. We keep forgetting to bring the list of movies we want to buy.. DUHHHH


Well must dash.. we are off to the movies!!

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