Drinking fountain (blech)

Drinking fountain (blech)
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

It’s a sad statement when you try to provide your pets with fresh drinking water in their own fancy bowls and they prefer their water with a taste of uhhh ok let’s just call it something extra.

It’s like a bad habit that was passed from one cat to another in my house. My first cat did it and taught the next and so on over the years.

The funniest thing was when my Mom’s old cat who stayed with me for a brief time when she was out of town picked up the habit and brought it home with her. She went on a ‘thirst strike’ when my Mom who was one of those ‘lids down’ kind of people refused to leave the toilet lid up for her to get to the water.

She finally had to give up.

I guess from the cat’s perspective it’s cold fresh water pretty much at all times and maybe they like the challenge to reach it.

Cinnamon practically has to get inside the bowl and over the years has had a few slip incidents which have been hilarious to watch.

Tom was a ‘lids down’ kind of Guy before he moved here. He’s had to get used to leaving the lid up and the seat down. He’s pretty good at the seat down thing being from a family with three Sisters. Once in a blue moon he will forget it’s VERY rare but extremely traumatic!

If I wake up with the need to pee in the middle of the night I will stagger into the bathroom and not turn on the lights. I know the layout so I can find everything with my eyes closed. A couple of times I hit porcelain and MAN oh man that is a nasty ass wake up call when you fall into a toilet ass first!

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