Now that’s some funny shit!!

First of all I have to say..Oh My God The 40 Year Old Virgin is one HELLUVA funny movie. We were laughing so hard at times we were both CRYING. This is sooo DVD worthy for us when it comes out!! When a movie makes me laugh so hard I wheeze and almost Asthma attack you know it’s good! The ending was a teeny bit weak but it was forgiven by the over-all laugh-riot.

It was nice watching a movie with ADULTS, well for the most part…. there was some 20 yr olds that could pass as kids. Being the earlier show (7ish) the theatre wasn’t totally packed either which was cool. The treat was though being R rated there wasn’t any small children to kick your damn seat and talk throughout the movie. I know I’ve been pissed to see parents bring small kids to questionable movies, maybe because they can’t find a sitter or whatever, but HELLOOOO there are some REALLY inappropriate things in movies for kids to hear/see and you’ve got to question some people’s parental judgment at times.

I do like going out to the movies once in a while, but I truly prefer the whole couch/DVD experience better. There we can curl up against each other on our nice comfy couch, easily shush the other viewers (the Boys), pause the movie when one of us needs to pee and have a drink while watching if we so wish to. The only times I would really want to go to the theatre would be if it’s a movie I simply cannot wait to see (like last night) or if it’s some really cool epic movie where some of the experience is lost on a small screen.

I think Pirates of the Caribbean is one of them I regret not seeing on the big screen. I thought it would be a lame-o movie, but in fact I thought it was fantastic when we finally saw it and the effects would have been so much cooler on a big screen. Sean had seen it, I think at his Dads and had raved about it. We didn’t trust his judgment as he had also thought ‘Rat Race’ was a funny movie *barffffff* but it turned out he was right (about Pirates, not Rat Race). I had found Pirates on sale at the Futureshop so I picked it up and we probably didn’t watch it for a month or so after we bought it. EVERYONE in that movie was incredible, but I have to say Johnny Depp made that film.

I’m going to be taking my Mom out to lunch today for her Birthday (which happened while she was away on holidays). She likes to go to Ricky’s which is fine because it’s close to the grocery store where I pick up her food for the week, so less running around.

I should probably get my ass moving and get ready to go but I’m too lazy right now. Mmmm loveeee Saturday mornings sipping coffee and relaaaaaaxing.

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