40 Year old? Virgin?

I came home to the wallpaper on the computer changed to this the other day and finally took a picture of it. I modified Tom’s creativity a wee bit cos he’s a wee bit past being 40 (ha).I also cannot claim responsibility for his de-virginization as that happened many years ago, long before I came along.

I DO claim that *I* was a virgin until I got a divorce from my ex which would make me uhhhh lessee.. ummm ok let’s start from the separation so I was 33!! I refuse to acknowledge the fact that I had sex prior to my divorce, only after I started to taste from the ‘BUFFET o’single Men’ and that my Kids were immaculate conceptions. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!

It helps me sleep nights.

I can however count my total lifetime sex partners on one hand, (just) the full on ones, the almosts I won’t count. This to some people I know, makes me a freak. I’ve got some friends that need to add in both feet + to keep track. I am a firm believer in shopping around a bit before you buy, just shop wisely.

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