Getting Ready for grade 8

Sean’s big day tomorrow. He heads off to High school for his first day. Well ok it’s not a day, really two hours of pre-registration for GR8 (basically paying fees, getting lock and locker etc..). It’s really nice that his school does that, allows the smaller unsure newbies to roam the school and get a fix on things before all the ‘big kids’ get there. I remember how freaked out I was about high school and for me it was just Junior high, not a Grade 8 – 12 institution that has 1800 kids in it.

Sean’s handling it really well, maybe it’s just covering up nerves but I know he’s a bit unsure of this new adventure. His wonderful Big Brother is going to take him, walk him there so he gets used to the route, and give him pointers on stuff and then walk him back. It’s sweet of him to volunteer to do this for him.

I think of everyone, I’m the most nervous! It’s so HUGE that my youngest is now out of elementary school and it’s freaking me out a wee bit that they are growing up so fast. There are times you think to yourself “Oh if only they were old enough to do *this* for themselves” but then one day they are!!

I mean it’s not like both of them are exactly leaving the nest, but it’s kind of the primer for that. I guess with having them at such an early age and looking at other people around me just starting this Kid business I feel kind of, I dunno too young to have kids this old! Not that I have ANY desire to have any more or do any of this over again at my age if that makes sense?

I’m feeling a bit ‘off’ tonight, I hope I’m not coming down with something because I’ve got a long weekend off coming up. I’m off Friday all the way until Tuesday (back at work Wednesday whoohoo!) and I would hate to be sick during that time darn it!!

I have a friend of mine that doesn’t like to call anyone chubby/ out of shape or fat she uses the world ‘Fluffy’.

I did ‘floor’ exercises tonight to shake things up a bit and my stomach is screaming at me right now, I don’t exactly have abs of steel and I may have asked too much of my poor ‘fluffy’ muscles…

Speaking of shaking things up, we have to get the old vcr hooked up to our bedroom tv (aka my exercise room) no not for porn! Because I have a pilates tape I want to do along with this kick ass exercise tape by no other than Cher! Yeah I said CHER! She doesn’t actually LEAD the class but she’s IN it and the instructor makes you really feel it and it was my fave old tape so gonna be digging that outta the archives. Laugh if you will!

Fish for dinner tonight along with fresh CORN yummmm and other veggies, whole grain rice too which I love. Damn I wish I had a personal chef!!

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