Broken picture links

Flippin heck!! Flickr went and changed their picture urls on me, they are linked though so if anyone’s been at the site before, they are going to have to clear cache and refresh the page to see them. That’s an FYI if you care!

I’m off work until Wednesday of next week whoohoo! It’s a good thing because I have this rather painful something going on on my right side right now. I’ve had a ‘grumbling appendix’in the past and I’ve had this IBS thing or whatever the doctor thinks it is as well, don’t know who’s the culprit this time. All I know is walking upstairs today hurt like crap and it kind of freaked me out. It’s eased off a bit now so I will be keeping an eye on things.

On another note, something outside stinks like ca-ca! It’s smells like horse or cow manure, not sure if someone decided to fertilize or something, we get the off whiff of that smell here, I mean we aren’t THAT far from the more rural area but holy man!! I didn’t think cow stink could travel that far. I’m hoping it will clear away soon. It’s too hot to close the windows so it’s stinking up our place right now phewwww.

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