Back to School

Well Sean and I did a major blast through the stores yesterday and stocked up with plenty of clothes for the coming year. I’m sure the pants won’t fit forever as he’s bound to hit another growth spurt any day now, but he’s got T-shirts out the whazzoo now. I found these really nice quality plain shirts in a dozen colours for like five bucks a piece at Zellers but it turned out they were on sale for $3.97 how outrageous is THAT?? I am SUCH a bargain junkie, finding something good that’s super cheap is like a total high

I also found a duplicate of one of my favourite black 3/4 length sleeve sweaters and I’m going to pull a Tom and put it away until the other one starts going south. I hate it when I buy clothes and wear them so much they wear out and I regret not buying more of them. I’ve had so many tops over the years that I’ve learned to buy more than one, however I will usually put them both into rotation and end up ruining both near the same time. Tom’s the wiser one where he will buy stuff he likes and keep it stored until later on. Smaaaaaaart Man!!

Tom’s working the lates again this weekend but the GOOD news is he will be off one of my days off (Monday) so we are thinking of heading back down to the States and doing some shopping and kicking around for the day COOL!! Gonna have to remember to take the camera with…mmmm maybe we will hit Anthony’s for dinner again mmmmmm fishhhhhhhhhhh!!

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