Labour Day in B’ham

As we had a day off together (whoohoo!) and Tom was running out of his coffee additive that he likes (and can only get in the States!) we did another day trip down to Bellingham.


We lucked out and it was a nice day. Sunny but not TOO hot by any means. We hit up a quick ‘breakfast’. That’s in quotes because we ended up grabbing Rotten Ronnies at 10:30 in the am when they SHOULD have still be serving breakfast they had already switched to LUNCH!! We hadn’t eaten that day so far as we basically got up as early as possible for Tom (who had worked late the night before) and get a decent start on any potential border line-ups. We didn’t want to fill up too much as we were planning on doing Anthony’s for lunch as is our B’ham tradition.

Waiting in the Border line up

We hit up the Ross store on Meridian and it was pretty much picked over *sigh* but I found a few things cheap (including a coat) and Tom got himself a couple of fleece sweaters. Pickins’ were certainly not as good as they have been in the past, but a deal’s a deal!

We didn’t really have any need to hit up the mall so we decided to take a drive and go check out Old Town and the Fairhaven District which has some really cool old architecture. They have turned some really old big brick buildings into malls which aren’t your traditional type of malls, while keeping the charm of the building down to the wooden stairways. I wonder what some of these buildings used to be?

In old downtown Bellingham it appeared most stores were closed in observance of Labour Day except for the Bars and Restaurants. We walked around but there really wasn’t all that much to see.

Cool Painting on the side of a building in Fairhaven

We took our leave, and went on to have our lunch. Food was AWESOME as always except for some questionable, what we think was coleslaw, that Tom had that tasted a bit odd. It was sad watching some of the boat owners dragging their boats out of the water in preparation for Winter. It’s not like the water freezes down this way but I guess they don’t want the hassle of the extra cleaning they may need to do, and they won’t be out as often to keep an eye on things. Some boats stay year round snuggled into their berths though which helps the keep the scenery ‘nautical’.

Us posing in front of Anthony's

We hit the book store and a few more places after lunch wandering around before we did our quick grocery run (Bainbridge Island Cinnamon Bread!! Coffee-Mate Cinnamon and Vanilla!) and headed back up towards Canada. NO border line-up going home at all. We lucked out though and we weren’t charged any additional taxes this time. I guess they have so many people they give a ‘break’ to and because we didn’t have any liquor or ciggies we weren’t the big fish that day. We hadn’t spent that much money either to be any where near a red flag.

Rest of the picture set HERE on Flickr

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