trying to get in the laundry hamper
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Today was an ‘exploratory’ day for a lot of us in the Americanuck household…

Sean had his first full day of Highschool (which went very well), his first time walking the route home by himself and his first taste of highschool homework.. although it was getting MOM to read the notices and supply lists before signing for him to get extra credit…

Tom was training on the switcher at work (it’s a different model than he’d been working on in the more recent past) and the nuances of the newcasts there as he will be helming it over the weekend.

Chris was engaging in some more backbreaking work around his Father’s condo (to make some spare money)

I was back at work fresh for a few days off and rumaging my way through what I had been going on while I was away.

Nutmeg was exploring the inside of his eyelids (that boy rarely wakes up)

Cinnamon? Well she was exploring the laundry hamper..This picture I grabbed of her trying yesterday, but it’s for illustration purposes. She was just doing it again now.. pick pick picking away at the rattan. Tom has a hilarious video capture of her falling into the empty hamper. You would think she would learn…

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