The danger of being the child of a camera happy Mother is you never know when she’s going to strike. Some subjects take it well….

And muster up a genuine smile…..

Sean smiling

Then there are those who are a little more shall we say….reluctant….

Chris hiding

And react like it’s a HUGE EFFORT to give you a grimace.


Hey at least he didn’t spit, throw things at me or flip me the bird….well at least he knows what THAT would get him!

Yay it’s Friday tomorrow!! It’s been a short ‘week’ for me. Wednesday was my Monday, Thursday was my hump day…and here we are heading towards the weekend. I could get used to three day weeks. Of course getting used to winning the lottery sounds even more appealing…. come ONNNNNNNN LOTTOOOOOOOO.

It is ‘Sloppy Joe’ night aka Mom is too effin lazy to cook anything of any great substance (not that I do that very often anyway cos I’m certainly no Martha!!) It’s a popular dish in our household to boot. As I’ve often stated, I could slave all day making a full on roast beef dinner with all the fixins’ and it would get shoveled down with the exact same reaction from the younguns as oh I dunno.. hotdogs…

Tom on the other hand is always grateful for the dinner effort when I put it in, and in fact encourages me to ‘not slave’ as I’ve worked a hard day, to take the easy road. The best part is he kicks in and cooks too which is SUCH a refreshing thing, especially on my ‘tuna’ nights when I don’t eat what everyone else is eating.

We found out yesterday that one of my fave people from Ga is coming up for a training session, she’s my direct contact (Client Rep) and I’ve known her for a number of years now. She’s the Rep I’ve had for the longest continuous time. Really looking forward to seeing her as she’s such a sweetie and tons of fun to talk to. I will be getting to meet another person that I’ve worked with on some projects long distance and that’s gonna be pretty cool too.

There is a going away dinner for a fellow from IT next Friday. He’s already left but it’s supposed to be a surprise I guess that’s why it’s happening after the fact. I’ve heard he kind of already knows something is going down but whatever. I figure I will show up for a while have an ‘appy’ and then skedadle home. I’m usually so bagged by Friday it seems some an extreme effort to go anywhere or do anything except go HOME!! He’s a nice dude though and I enjoyed working with him so I will make an appearance. I’ve developed serious home-body issues in the last few years. I think I’m becoming a hermit… oh wait you can’t qualify for hermit if you live with other people … ah well a family hermit then!

Well almost time to get dinner started, off I go!

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2 Responses to Mommarazzi

  1. Deb Burdsall says:

    The pictures are adorable. However, I must ask you to stop using Mommarazzi. I have a US Trademark on Mommarazzi

    Deb Burdsall
    Mommarazzi Images

  2. americanuck says:

    Well, number one this is a personal blog.. I am not selling any type of goods or service under that name I was talking about taking pictures of my children by surprise…, number 2 I live in Canada , number three according to your trademark filing which is listed online (if I google your name + mommarazzi) you filed in November of 2005 AND it was finalized this year, as you can see this post pre-dates it. Number four, SERIOUSLY?

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