Biology, Sex, Birth, Death and Taxes

Because I was going to be home at about 8:00 (had to do a grocery run for my Mom after work), I picked up Subway for me and the Boys. This is another popular food choice for them so we’re always kind of heros when we get subs.. go figure..

We all sat around enjoying our subs and having a nice long chat. I always enjoy it when the kids are in a talkative mood, particularly Chris as for the last few years, for the most part I’m lucky if I get grunted at. This makes me appreciate it when he does want to just yap. Sean still hangs with us and thinks we’re pretty cool.. at least for now.

I’ve always been very open with my Sons, in fact encouraged open discussion about any topic without fear of censorship or ridicule (but not from the odd gentle teasing they know that I can’t be THAT good.) I would never make them feel bad or stupid for asking a question or wanting to talk about subjects that I know for a FACT make friends of mine cringe at discussing.

I’ve always approached things like sex and the biology of growing up from both a scientific standpoint, as well as the moral and emotional side. Sometimes I feel like I’m teaching a class with students that actually care what I have to say. I’ve always felt that informed decisions are really the only way to go and burying your head in the sand is just asking for trouble.

I know my own sex education stemmed mostly from word of mouth and some dry classes in “health”. The interesting stuff I heard from my Sister and I shared them all with my classmates which ended in detention once one of my chums decided to share what she learned at school that day with her Folks. I remember when I was around 15/16 my Mom asked me if I had any questions about ‘you know’… and gave me this very uncomfortable look. I took pity on her and said NOPE and that was it.

It’s always intriguing to me how conversations transition from one subject to another. After Biology we moved into the talk about birthing, Sean looked at me and said “It’s a good thing I’ve already eaten”.. I guess eh? He tends to be the squeamish one. I said to him you’re doing pretty good listening to all this stuff albeit rather silently. He said to me “At least now I’m able to listen without sticking my fingers in my ears and going LALALALALALA” Ahhhhh progress!!

Finally we moved to Taxes and the inevitable…or perhaps the possible, the Sun turning into a Supernova or us burning up or starving to death due to life not being sustainable from deterioration of the Ozone layer…oh yeah and would I do Chris’ taxes…. good family dinner convo I love it!

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