Yep, that’s what I am right now..

Pissy that I drove ALL the way over to my Mom’s and took her to the doctors office to find it dark and closed up tight. She insists that the receptionist told her the appt was THIS Saturday. I’m asking her, “Are you SURE you got the date right?” “Oh YES I’m sure, I’m tempted to call and leave a message I’m very upset” Well.. turns out when she got home she checked the calendar and guess what? It’s next Saturday….she had even written on on her calendar with the correct date/time *sigh*

There are other things that are making me pissy, but I won’t get into them here, it’s not anything family related. Where is that wall???

Even though I’m an extremely easy going person as a rule, I have a really really rotten temper when I’m really pissed off. I know what that expression sees red is all about, I swear when I get angry my blood pressure effects my eyesight. I don’t get angry very often, at least really angry, but if it’s a matter of righteous indignation and/or B.S. I can’t help myself. Anyway ’nuff said about that… shaking it off….

After we dropped off my Mom to her place Sean and I stopped by the Mall and had lunch and hit up the Old Navy store. There was a sale on and I bought a few things including a few new T-Shirts for Tom at like 50% off.. SOLD! I also had to replace a few items in my make-up case that were on their last legs.

We also got some nail clippers to trim the cat’s nails. NOW THAT’S gonna be fun to do…a first time for me as I’ve always just let the cats kind of wear them off in the past, but Cinnamon’s tend to grow really long and curvy and she gets stuck on things, so I can’t rely on the vets infrequent clippings to get us through. We wandered around Petsmart and were lucky enough to get to visit inside the cat room and pet some really really cute kittens. There was a Mother and a set of 10 day old kittens they rescued as well that were there but not to be touched. We sure looked through and awwwwed!!!

I swear I am going to be a crazy cat lady some day. I could SO have taken every last one of the cats/kittens home with me. I particularly loved a kind of Tortoise shell stripey grown cat with the coolest brown/amber eyes. Sighhhh, what can I say I’m a sucker!!

We also picked up this really cool feather toy on a stick which has proved to be extremely popular…


This picture proves both the toy is popular, and she’s in dire need of clipping those talons!!

Chris got a call back from a job today! It’s at a pet store nearby and he was asked to show up tomorrow around 11:00 and spend a couple of hours there to see how he does and the employees will judge how he would do there (peer hiring, that’s kind of cool) and if he passes muster, the owner will meet with him to discuss hiring him. Cool! That’s only the second place that’s called Chris back, the other was Home Depot and they told him he had to be 18 to work there (which I don’t get but ok).


Chris as he talks to the Owner (Mommarazzi strikes again!!)

He’s got his just out of bed-head hair going on there.. he’s gonna kill me for that! Anyway..I hope it works out for him. He’s really needing to get out there and get some experience. It doesn’t have to be his dream job or anything that’s for sure.

XXing my fingers!!

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