Sunday surfing…

A few years back there was a church that was on my regular route to drive to work and it had a rather cheeky/witty Pastor that kept me entertained weekly with his church sign. Sometimes they were groan-worthy, other times I outright laughed. I’m not a church-goer at all but I can appreciate someone with a sense of humour. Sometimes I think, the humour isn’t intentional…

Random surfing I found a Website that contains some great examples of intentional as well as unintentional humour. Totally worth checking out though if you find that kind of thing amusing….

A couple more of my personal faves…

Chris got back from his few hours of being ‘checked out’ by the Staff at the Pet supply store. He’s told there are a couple more people going to be coming in before they make their decision. He told me he worked for a few hours (without pay mind you) to stocking, and learning about the products they sell, even was smart enough to ask for pamphlets (that should be worth something) so he can learn more about it. He cleaned up and did windows even. He said he worked very hard and did everything he was told to do (wish he could manage that at home!!). Hopefully they don’t just do this to get free labour every so often.

I hope he hears something soon though or gets some other job opportunity in the meantime he needs to get off his duff and have a reason to get up in the morning. Me on the other hand, I swear the Lotto sounds REALLY good about now!!

Gonna be a low key tuna sammich kind of dinner night tonight. I did a full on cooked breakfast this morning so tonight I’m taking the easy road.

Last night we watched Jumping Jack Flash a favourite of both Tom and I. It’s a movie that we both feel didn’t get enough credit when it was released. He saw it in the theatre, I caught it for the first time on cable. Sean enjoyed it as well, so shows he has good taste.

Tonight I’m going to be watching a TV movie that’s airing on CTV about Terry Fox, my friend’s Son is acting in it so I’m going to be watching out for him. Hard to believe it’s been so many years since his run, and ultimate death from cancer. We used to do the Terry Fox runs at school and now it’s run all over the world to raise funds for cancer research. Very cool.

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