‘Burns’ baby burn

Burns Bog (ironic name) is on fire. It’s this HUGE nature preservation area, the largest undeveloped area in an urban centre on the continent in fact supposedly. It’s been ablaze before, I think around 6 years ago and that fire smoldered for months due to the peat floor of the bog. They are saying the fire spread due to the trees being fairly short and wind that picked up at the wrong time. They’re not sure what started it and they’re having a heck of a time fighting it. Probably some idiot tossing a ciggie butt. Gawd that stuff kills!! How stupid does one have to be to throw down a ciggie in a dry area full of trees and peat?!?!?! Or in the hills of Kelowna like last year and the horrible fires up there in the forests??

The smoke was making it downtown from the ‘burbs. I found walking around it was kind of hard to breathe and riding the train home there were some spots that the smoke was quite thick.

Here are a couple of really good ‘snags’ from the CTV broadcast tonight. They have a News Chopper that catches some amazing pictures and exclusives because it’s the only one in town!

I feel for the people that live right near the bog. It would be really hard to breathe with all that smoke, never mind also being nervous about going to sleep at night with that thing still burning!

We’ve changed things up a bit at work and after 6 years I’m no longer the primary ‘on-call’ person for after hours issues which works out well for both of us because it’s been a long haul for me and gives Pooh both the experience and the little bit of extra $. I will still be the back-up for when she’s on vacation which is okey-dokey!

I am SO ready for the new TV season, especially CSI and the Amazing Race. There is SQUAT worth watching and even though we have a build up of movies, I want to watch them when both Tom and I are able to watch and enjoy them. Besides that, sometimes you don’t want to sit watching the same thing for a couple of hours, that’s the fun of television, it’s 1/2 hour or an hour and then it’s something else to tune into. Great for my short attention span moments.

The Terry Fox movie was really good (brought on some hardcore sniffles) and my friend’s son did an AWESOME job. He really embodies his characters and in this movie was one of the main ones. I expect he’s going to do very well in his chosen profession. I was talking to his Mom today, both of us laughing over the retro ‘do’ he was sporting and all the short ‘shorts’ (the move was set back in the early ’80’s when Terry did his run) I keep telling the kids that one day the Game Cube they bought from him is gonna be worth some serious bread on Ebay haha.

Freddy gets his ass dimple bashed out this Wednesday (or whatever they do to fix a dent in one of these new fangled body coloured bumpers)I miss the old days when they were chrome and all it took was a few smacks from a mallet to pound out the dents. Yeah it’s been a while since I was rear ended and it’s taken until NOW to get an appointment. I decided to wait until the other person finally reported the accident and accepted fault so my deductable would be waived, by then I was back at work and super busy so I kept forgetting to make an appointment, when I finally got a chance the shop of choice didn’t get my fax so I sat waiting for a number of days waiting for a phone call in vain (for them to schedule me a date) When I finally called them they asked me to re-fax it *sigh*. When they finally got my Insurance docs and were ready to set me a date, they were booking three weeks out!! Blahhhhhhh.

Well my awesome Boss is letting me work from home on Wednesday because the appointment is at 8:00 and if I had to go all the way downtown after that I wouldn’t get there until 9:45 or 10:00. This way I can just go home and get cracking as soon as I drop off Freddy and pick up his temporary replacement. When they asked me if I had a preference for my loaner.. I said SMALL and AUTOMATIC!! He laughed and said ohhh ok definately preference for not big and not standard. I so don’t do either of those!!

I leave you with a picture of two of my cuties:

Two cuties

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