Customer Service 101

Ok wouldn’t you think that it would make sense to put the address of your body shop on your webpage? I get to the dealership this morning did a slooooow drive around looking for the body shop sign.. no bananas. So I see this dude and ask him where it is and he points me to the drive thru in the back said to go in and someone can help me. I get inside and the guy looks at me like I’m from outer space and says they don’t do body work there.


So I said… well on your webpage it says Superstore and that you have a body shop and the same damn address is listed (more open mouthed looks). He asks who I talked to, gave him my fax and he just stared at it dumbly. I pull out the card where I wrote the phone number and he says he doesn’t know that number but there is a similar number to a body shop near the chrysler dealership down the road. *sigh* “Sorry can’t help you” and sends me on my way….

So I get in my car and pull out the old cell and call the number asking where they heck they were located. Ohhhh behind the Chrysler dealership I’m told just across the street from where you are. Sooo I drive over there and pull in ‘behind’ the dealership to these bay doors and I’m met with more stares. At least THIS time the dude pointed me across the street to the actual body shop. Doesn’t have either dealers name on it just the ‘group of companies’ name that owns the dealerships along with others…ARGHHHHH..

What has happened to Customer Service these days? The first guy should yanno… have a clue, and maybe try calling FOR me…?? The website should actually tell people where the damn shop is.. I could go on but I won’t. At least the folks at the bodyshop were super nice. They said they didn’t have any of the courtesy cars come back so they called up a rental company to bring me a car gratis… that’s cool. I had asked for small and I got a Hyundai Elantra…this Ca-Ca lime green piece of uhhh well you know. I have to remember to grab a picture of it. To top it off the car was on freaking ’empty’ so as I drove out the gas light came on straight away. I put twenty bucks in, too much gas but at that point I didn’t care I was too cranky.

I may or may not get Freddy back by Friday. It will be at the latest Monday though. They are backed up because of the paint shop otherwise they said it should be a rather easy job which is cool. The dealership can get the keys and paperwork for me as the shop closes before I can get back from downtown so I can pick it up myself.

I tell ya though, driving that Hyundai makes me appreciate how awesome Freddy really is. It’s like a fricking luxury car by comparison. This thing is all plastic and light weight doors and no frills at all… blahhhhhh I am spoiled it’s Tom’s fault I can no longer go back to the basic econo-box!!! I’m, I’m a CAR SNOB!!!

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