Yayyyyyyyyy Freddy’s home!!!

Went to pick up Freddy today. Oh my GOSH I ended up in the wrong place AGAIN!!! Turns out that the place I was to pick it up has a dealership right beside Flag.. which ummm is the wrong place for me to go. Ok so this one was MY fault … they are right side by side and under the big Ass flag….found Freddy though when I drove in. Couldn’t wipe the grin off my face when I saw him all shiny in the parking lot all fixed up and WASHED of all things. No problems with the paperwork just signed the stuff and got my keys back. When I got in the car it was all washed and cleaned inside, clean as a whistle in fact. Hats off to the company, this is the best he’s looked since I bought him!!!

Ok they ROCK!! Not only did they do an awesome job on the repair they return him clean. *sniff* I got all misty-like. I even had to put on Dean Martin and sing along the whole way home. I’m such a geek. Loveeeee the Deano!! Ain’t that a Kick in the Head has got to be one of my favourite songs.

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