Freddy all fixed pic

Freddy fixed
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

This is Freddy’s un-dimpled ass whoohoo!!

Freddy outside

Freddy outside

Sighhh… it’s SO nice to be able to drive him again. Took Mom to the docs today, this time was her actual appointment!! She wanted to go eat so I took her for brunch and then I did her grocery shopping. I stopped at the mall to try and find a chain that will fit my pendant that Tom gave me for my last birthday. The chain that came with it is a little too short and it makes the pendant flip up. The challenge is that the pendant has an elongated tab where you put the chain so a standard round ring clasp won’t go in it. I asked at several jewelry stores and they said it’s not something they carry. You can either pinch a round clasp until it narrows or you can have a jeweler put one on especially for you. SHEESH!!

I guess that will be my next thing, just buy a chain and ask them to modify it. I wouldn’t think I’m the only person in the world that needs one like that! I want to actually wear it because I love it so I’m a bit frustrated.

No kids tonight and Tom’s working soooo I guess it’s chick flick night!

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