Snooglin’ wif my babies

Snuggling my babies
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Warm purry little spoiled brats!

Chris got a call from the potential employer today. He was asked to go down to the store on Wednesday afternoon to discuss him working there part-time! Yay!

Even if it’s not that many hours it’s experience he REALLY needs to get. Of course we don’t know anything really about the hours etc as yet. I guess we will find out what the deal when they meet to discuss.

I’m soooo flippin lazy today I don’t feel like doing anything much. Sean and I went out and grabbed something to eat at the KFC. Chris had come home and started to eat crap (He snarfed down a couple of pizza buns) before he noticed the time… so he wasn’t hungry for dinner.

Tom’s working tonight but it’s Emmy night so I’m gonna be glued to that!

Watching the news right now. All the die-hard hockey fans were watching an inter-squad game at the Garage today. I am a take it or leave it hockey person but some of these people were all but foaming at the mouth… too funny

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