Can I just say I love that word? It is without a doubt my new favourite word. I saw a friend of mine use it and I’ve been using it ever since but saving it for the ultimate usage. It deserves the absolute perfect opportunity for use however because it IS the best word EVARRR!! I’ve known a lot of Asshats over the years, I just never knew that’s what they were called.

Chris has his job…uhhh well I’m not sure if it’s an interview but job ‘whatever’ tomorrow at 1:00. I’m hoping it’s a done deal but I guess we shall find out. It’s funny how kids will spend YOUR money really easily but when it comes to money they’ve earned it’s a wholeee other matter. Chris had earned a few bucks helping out around his Father’s Condo and he’s been reluctant to part with it. When I took Sean to buy his new game Chris was examining the prices on the used games and doing the math, figuring out if he gave into temptation he would have X dollars left and was quite horrified. There wouldn’t be much left!! YEGADS!!! Money doesn’t grow on trees after all!! After all that sweat, it would be a sin to waste it on something so frivolous.. gosh wish he figured that out when it was our money he wanted to spend. Of course given the opportunity he would spend our money again with no problem! Just wait until he has to buy new clothes. He’s still cruising on the stuff we bought him and I’m sure will as long as humanly possible.

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