Frank and Deano

Sometimes I think I should have been born many many years ago because I love the music from the whole Rat Pack era. I always thought Men looked so much cooler then all spiffy like and wearing hats. I have a thing for hats and suits. I’ve had a few Dean Martin Cds for a while now and one kind of crappy one of both Dean and Frank on one CD, not truly representative of my fave Frank songs sooooo I decided to go and download a few. I kick myself now for not purchasing this photo of the Rat Pack that I took such a liking to in this collectible store in Vegas. It was framed up nice with some chips from…the Sands Casino I believe it was. Blah.. oh well.

To my pleasure I was able to locate 9 of my fave songs, but there was two I couldn’t locate anywhere online, even itunes which surprised me because they have access to way more songs than say Puretracks. I simply cannot find his total cliche song ‘New York, New York’ nor ‘Luck be a Lady tonight’..not sure why… maybe he was so sick of them he put something in his final epitaph that forbids any further release or playing of these songs? They’ve got to be in some old CD somewhere surely….

I have a bunch of old music I play when I do my housework. The full out swing stuff, big band stuff and the gushy early 50’s silly songs and lovey-dovey stuff… it sure makes me feel peppy and it’s my spoon for of sugar that makes the cleaning more fun. Soooo many times my poor Sons have had their Old Momma grab their hands and drag them up to dance with me. Chris was always more tolerant of it, Sean would roll his eyes and give me limp spaghetti arms to work with. Now they are both older, they play along with me with I’m sure some eye rolling but that’s ok I just love doing it.

We are off to B-ham again tomorrow, this time with Sean in tow. He still likes hanging out with us ‘old folks’ and he’s looking forward to going under the condition of NO WHINING because we are taking too long shopping! Chris considered going until he realized it meant getting up early in the morning ‘GASP’ so after hearing me talk about it decided that he would stay home and hold down the fort. Big shock, I’ve pretty much given up asking him if he wants to go places, it’s always no.

Tom and I have two, count em TWO days off together!! Whoohoo!! It’s so cool to be able to hang out together for two days in a row!

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