A Sunday down ‘South’

Despite a rather longish line-up down to the border we had a fun day down in Bellingham. Sean particularly enjoyed it as it was his first time going there with us. We did the usual..with a few small alterations. We tried to do the IHOP but it was PACKED, so instead we hit the Denny’s. Not exactly quiet either, we seemed to hit the tail end of the rush period. I dunno but for some reason the people working in these establishments or for that matter frequenting them are kind of annoying. Maybe it’s the small town atmosphere, maybe that makes me a snob but MAN they can be kind of redneck-y. We had this old couple beside us, who started on the left side and them moved DIRECTLY beside us because the lady didn’t like the seats on the booth they were put in. They just moved on their own, not bothering to wait for the server to come by.

They the woman complained about everything, including the fact her hashbrowns weren’t BURNT as she wanted them to be. She also borrowed most of the stuff of our table, but still gave me the stink-eye when I used the salt that was on the edge of their table because ours was covered in someone else’s crusted egg splatter… well pardon me!!!

Sean’s Got milk!

We visited my Mecca as usual. Managed to get a few sweaters worth buying, rather than the sad sad selection they had post back to school the last time we went. Problem was they had also dragged out the rest of the crap they had stored in the back which meant the racks were crammed with Fugly. I wasn’t in the mood for a total scavenger hunt either but I still found a few diamonds among the dirt.


My Take

We hit the bookstore and the mall and just did some scoping, we didn’t really end up buying MUCH except for loading up with the more unique candy they have down there, especially as it’s close to Halloween so there was a good selection. Tom bought some for treats at work and we bought some gummy ‘body parts’ for Chris… yanno bloody fingers, eyeball the usual edible gore.

After all that shopping we decided it was time to do ‘Linner’ (late lunch/early dinner). We of course went to our usual fave ‘Anthony’s’ and had a yummm Caesar salad to start and then Sean and I both had the halibut. Tom decided to try something new in a Lingcod with some type of sauce… he liked it. We of course got the plain rice and not that raisoned gack they serve.


Tom and Sean outside of Anthony’s

Sean and his old Ma

Sean and his old Ma

After ‘Linner’ we went for a walk to burn off all that food! It was a perfectly lovely afternoon, not too hot in the sun thanks to a fall breeze. There was hardly a soul walking around either. I guess most of the folks in the area were out on their boats grabbing the last few chances they have for the season.



I was playing Mommarazzi as usual grabbing LOTS of pictures which you can see HERE on Flickr

When I saw our shadows on a small grassy hill I was trying to get everyone to pose like Charlie’s Angels. Tom said the folks in the restaurant were staring and wondering what the hell we were doing. I didn’t even notice (hee-hee)!


Poor Tom has some kind of bug now, poor guy. I can hear him sniffling in the livingroom as I type this. He’s got today and tomorrow off too which is good, it will give him a chance to shake this before he has to go back to work.

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4 Responses to A Sunday down ‘South’

  1. Bill says:

    Dude! yer supposed to get sick on the days you work, not the ones you have off! Now suck it up till Wed. then get as sick as ya want.

  2. Tom says:

    Too late, I’m already over it…maybe next time I’ll have better timing.

  3. Beezzez says:

    He just got sick so he could be spoiled LMAO

  4. Tom says:


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