Mad Scientist

Mad Scientist
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My wonderful hubba hubba hubby is making dinner tonight. Have I mentioned how much I love him?? It’s especially appreciated because I totally put my back out the other day, get this, riding the train!

I had to stand for the entire ride in and I’ve had a stiff back before when I’ve had to stand (especially if I’m hefting my laptop back and forth) but this time I was laptop free. I guess it was the fact I was standing on kind of an angle holding my book in one hand and holding on with the other. Skytrain is kind of herky-jerky at the best of times, prolly not a good idea to not be standing in a good position.

I guess I was standing too stiffly and one good jerking movement and OWWWWWW freaking hell!!! It’s amazing how fragile the back can be over something so STUPID! All day long every time I had to get up or down I was all “oooh ooooh owwww” and walked all stiff and kind of waddled. Sean said I walked like Grissom on CSI (brat). I guess more sit ups would help but damn! I’m feeling better now it’s just kind of stiff not sore anymore…whew!

The last couple of days I’ve found myself starting to fade right around 3:00 which doesn’t help as I’m still at work. I’ve felt like a wind-up toy who’s spring has run down. I’ve had to get up and walk around just to get my mind out of the fuzz. I’m wondering if it’s the change in the light, less natural sun more cloudy so the darn office lights are more what I’m seeing… not sure. I hate the end of summer *sigh*.

We had the yearly inspection of the fire /smoke alarms in our condo. Yesterday for a few hours every couple of minutes the fire bells would ring. I can understand the absolute need for this but oh my GOD it’s loud and startling. I missed part of it because they started before I got home. Tom had taped something over the thing that puts the building alarm noise into our place to muffle it some but one of the big red bells is right outside our front door.

When I got home the minute I stepped out of my car I heard the bell ring by the door from the parking garage to the elevator vestibule. I grabbed my stuff and hustled to get past it before it blasted again. I knew it would take a few minutes as it would take the dudes doing it to get to a new suite. I fumbled with my keys to open the door and success.. WAIT! Damn! another one in the vestibule!!! Bolting for the door as fast as I could waddle (sore back yanno..) I made my way up holding one ear with one hand and my grocery bag with the other going “don’t ring don’t ring don’t ring” the whole way up. Damn if the bell didn’t ring the minute I got up to our door?? Ah well I tried! Those bells are PAINFUL!!!

Ah well it’s over for another year.

I leave you with a Kiss….


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