Nutmeg strung out on the ‘nip

Nutmeg strung out on the ‘nip
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Last night as I was tidying up after dinner I saw this old package of catnip on the shelf in the kitchen. I didn’t know if it still had any potency, but for fun I stuck some in the end of an old sock.

As you can plainly see it was plenty potent. Nutmeg was showing it the love for a while, that is until Miss Cinny decided it was HER turn…


It’s like Kitty Coke, Cinny felt so powerful she could master walking on two legs…

Then there was Tom, not wishing to miss out on all the fun (haha)…


They’ve all been packed off to rehab.

It was indeed hilarious to watch them play with the sock until they bored of it and they went looking for something else to do. Mostly be annoying, ok maybe just Cinny.

The funniest was Tom thinking he was taking video (with my digital camera) of the cats all strung out on kitty junk, when in fact he had it on the wrong setting. To his defense which he reminded me, he isn’t familiar with all the ins and outs of the cam, but I was laughing really hard when I saw the blurry pictures which were the result (no flash and all wibbly).

Well, one more day left this week hoo-eefin-ray! As I mentioned before I’ve been feeling extra draggy all week and I’m looking forward to having some time to just flake off for a while. Well that is after I buy Mom’s groceries. Chris has his first day on the job Saturday, so I’m sure I will be playing driver duty to pick him up as I’m pretty sure it will be starting to get darkish by then. It’s getting so gloomy so early these days. I miss the sun setting at 10:00 pm in the Summer.

Just noticed the time, Tom should be on his way home by now. It’s just the two of us tonight so we are doing our weirdo hot/spicey chili and alfredo noodle combo supper. They are YUM together despite how icky it may sound. It was one of those fortunate accidents when you’re running out of food and you throw things together you normally wouldn’t. It’s a fave, it’s good trust me!

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