Dinner with the girls – Dessert of Hubby *grin*

Had a nice time with my pals from work. It’s a crew that I’ve been dining with since 1997 when we started the Centre up. We used to do it regularly, every payday Friday but it’s a lot harder now because not all of us are in the same office anymore and so many of us have a hard time finding the time any more. It was a perfect time to talk, laugh and de-stress away the weeks. We used to his the same Chinese restaurant but now we mix it up a bit. That place is downtown and we all live in the same ‘Burb so it’s easier now to have our meets closer to home. They are all such a fun group.

I also found out my old work-mate Brian who retired in 2000 is working close by and had thought I had moved to the States. He knew I had married an American but we’d lost touch. I think he forgot I had asked him about the process when his Son married a US Citizens and had moved here. I absolutely LOVE him and I’ve missed him a bunch. I was his sidekick in the Systems Dept and when he retired I took his position. He retired a few years past the typical age of retirement but he continues to work on his terms I guess. I think it’s cool he’s out and about still. He looked AWESOME the last time I saw him. No where near his age. He’s always been the coolest guy. I would have loved him to be my Dad. I think his Sons and Daughters in Law are the luckiest ever.

Tom’s home tonight so we are going to kick back and have a nice relaxy evening, watch some tube and snuggle…. *wink*

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