“I’m a big kid now!!”

I’m a big kid now!!
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Well here we are the day of Chris’ first day on the job at the store. He’s got a full day every Tuesday and a six hour shift on Saturday which is a good start.

He showered on time and slicked his hair doing the Man primpt thing that along with ironing his clothes himself (even though I had to wash them because he didn’t think do to it doh!) He didn’t walk out followed by a puddle of after shave either, I was bugging him he was smelling like a French whore house, I think he listened.

Heading off

Chris on his way

It’s about a 20 min walk from here to his place of business and he headed out with enough time to spare. I will be picking him up after his shift is over (and after I do Mom’s groceries) but I have a few hours to spare yet. Sean came back from his Dad’s today because I figured he could hang with me while I do the shopping, he enjoys that so why not? He was going to be all alone at his Father’s place…

Gonna have to get my ass moving though and get ready to go so I can time this out right.

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