Six hours on his feet…..

That was Chris’ first comment to me when I asked him how the day went. I picked him up after his shift (nice Mommy!) in fact I had to race to get there in time (or shortly after he got off as I was a tad late) and he was standing out front when I rolled up.

My answer to his comment on the six hours on his feet was to raise that with 9 hours on my feet working full time while hugely pregnant and wearing high heels..HA! Top THAT boy!!

He thought I got maternity leave when I was pregnant…HA! I barely got two months with him, Damn laws! With Sean I got six months (all of this of course is on unemployment so you get like 60% of your wage)Now they freaking give women a year… A YEAR!!!!!!! Damn I would have killed for that. I think us Mom’s from the past should get retro time off! Of course given the choice of having my kids when I was in my 20’s and getting less time off to having kids in my 40’s with more… no contest!! I know there is no way in hell I would want to become a Mother at this stage in my life all over again. I mean not that there is anything wrong with it if it works for you but all I know is NOT ME!!! Many of my friends became Mothers later in life, some by design (careers came first) others married later in life and they wanted to have a family. Some even had been married for years and never wanted kids until they heard that persistent tick-tock.

Me? I’m enjoying who Chris and Sean are now. I’m enjoying this stage in my life where they are somewhat self sufficient. There are the times I get all wistful, especially watching the old video tapes when they were small. I loved that time and they were such damn cute babies! But I wouldn’t go back to that, I am looking forward to the future and watching them grow into full grown Men with Family of their own someday. I hope they think I’ve been a good Mom. I hope they look back on the time they spent with me and have fond memories, I know I will.

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