Pizza Karma

This cartoon tickled me so had to post, totally off topic but whatever…

Tom should be hmmm… half way home by now. It’s Pizza night tonight which always proves to be a popular choice. We don’t always have good luck with pizza. Not that it’s bad but well Tom’s had a few pizza incidents which have soured him on some of the local establishments.

When we first moved here we decided to try a place that is just down the street and ’round the corner. Good deal, no delivery charge buried in the cost and sometimes the smaller neighbourhood pizza places can be awesome so we figured yeah why not? Tom went to pick it up and the person behind the counter ignored him for a longggg while, he’s looking at some pies up on the counter and he had a gut feeling they were ours. After them sitting for a while and then the people realizing he was the guy waiting to pick up those pizzas they tried to give them to him, after they sat there cooling and congealing. He refused, they got upset, we never used them again.

We’ve also enjoyed the pizza from another place, but they use wireless merchant terminals and for some reason our condo doesn’t get good reception on those suckers. Poor Tom has followed the delivery dudes out into the lobby, then outside TRYING to pay for the darn things by credit card (we rarely carry enough cash for pizza and we get reward points!!) When he tries the call ahead pick up on the way home route, they’ve been behind their estimate as to when it will be ready or they’ve just started his order the minute he arrives to pick it up, causing him to cool his heels while they hastily make it. I’ve pre-ordered and picked up at this place and haven’t had the bad luck he’s had.

Then we had our old standby large pizza chain who uses one of those convenient call one number call centres to take the order and they in turn send it to the local uhhh Hut. The last time he went there they didn’t have his order it was never sent to them so he said forget it and we did something else for dinner that night. About an hour and a half later he gets a message on his cell from the place asking if he was going to come and pick it up as it’s stilling there. Oh my GOD!!! Guess they finally hit that send button at the call centre. The brilliant folks at the uhh Hut didn’t put two and two together when he told them to forget it…

Tom has bad pizza Karma, I hope it goes better for him tonight. Sending positive vibes to cleanse his Chakras.

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One Response to Pizza Karma

  1. tom says:

    Your chaka-kahn’s must have worked, Hon…they were just sliiiding it out of the oven as I walked in the door!

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