Chris’ first pay cheque

Chris’s first pay cheque
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Today was Chris’ first ‘full’ day (8 hours)and a banner moment, his very first paycheque!

Ok so it was for the three hours he worked while he was being checked out to see if he fit in…he can’t exactly splash out with the money.. They are paying him the non training wage though and instead paying him mimimum so that’s good. A lot of companies will take advantage of the ‘training wage’ of like $6.00 for so long before they have to pay minimum.

I’ve heard of some companies that were accused of hiring and firing people before they had to pay them the full rate.. nice eh?

He’s enjoying it alright though but he’s yet to serve his first customer. They started showing him the till which he said staggered him for a bit because he still doesn’t know all about the different products and what is ‘premium’ compared to others and how it’s all got special buttons on the register.

I remember the feeling of my first job. I was a teller while I was still in highschool. It was scary at first too.

Well time for The Amazing Race. Hopefully it won’t still SUCK. I hate the fact they didn’t make them fly ANYWHERE. I hope the rumours aren’t true that it’s all taking place in North America…

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