Long weekend

Weeeeoooooohhh Thanksgiving weekend, three whole days off AND no Turkey to cook!!! I feel sorry for the people who have to have the big dinner thing. I’m all over Turkey at Christmas but that’s it for me too damn much work!

Of course I am on call cos my partner in crime at work is on vacation days this weekend. Thanksgiving for some reason always turns out to be a heinous on call weekend. Not sure why but I’m expecting the same. It’s not like it’s because of the holiday, just that it’s like some kind of black cloud. Maybe it’s a cosmic punishment for NOT cooking that turkey..The good news is that I’m back OFF call as of Tuesday, at least until her next holidays which are a few weeks away. It’s not permanent though and that’s a blessing!

Had a bit of drama at work towards the end of the day but it all worked out well. It got my adrenaline all fired up though. Connectivity issues and a deadline are bound to cause that.

Ahhh did I mention I’m glad it’s a long weekend?

Chris had another interview today at a fast food joint he applied to a while back. He will find out if he gets it next week sometime. Hopefully it’s at the one across the street, it may be one further away. It will be good for him to get another P/T job though and bring in some more bucks.

Tom’s making our lovely chili and alfredo noodle surprise for me tonight and told me to relaaxxxx cos I’m full of stress. He’s the best!!! I picked up a bottle of Mission Hill Five Vineyards Pinot Grigio (YUMMMMM) for an after dinner drink along with our movie night (no Kids).

Well dinner is almost ready, must dash.

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One Response to Long weekend

  1. Tom says:

    For those of you tuning in from the States, Thanksgiving here in Canada is observed on the second Tuesday of October.

    For those of you here in Canada, Americans will be celebrating this Monday too, however we pronounce it “co-LUM-bus-day.”

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