Kitten War

We need to make sure the scanner PC is working up to snuff. I have some kitten pictures to scan… this is WAR.. KITTEN WAR in fact. is a hilarious idea. I posted a pretty sad picture of Cinnamon on it. I’m kind of pissed that I don’t have more of her as a baby but she never sat still long enough for a picture to be taken.. barely does now.

As you can (or maybe can’t cos it’s too small) see she’s not doing all that hot. I don’t know who’s her competition is but it must been stiff. There are too damn many kittens on the site to come across your own without the special URL. Well I supposed I may if I wanted to spend hours clicking but uhh no that’s ok.

I’ve got some cut pix of Nutmeg as a baby and I’m sure Sage somewhere so I will see how they hold up against the others haha.

Well Mom officially has a new place to live THANK GOD!! The owner was super nice and agreed to rent it to her as soon as he met her. He’s even agreed to letting her move in as of December 1st, in fact allow us access to the place a couple of weeks early to move boxes and stuff in slowly which is GREAT. She can hire this guy then that her friend Chris knows that works weekends doing moving and he’s a LOT more reasonable than some of the companies I’ve had estimates from. He’s going to stop by her place tomorrow to estimate the time and cost for her and she will book him for the last Saturday in November to do the big furniture move. We will move out as much stuff as we can after we pack it starting the week we get back from Georgia.

Oh yeah I’m going to Georgia for business in November and Tom’s gonna come with YAY!! Can’t remember if I mentioned it before. It’s for an E-biz Client Advisory Board meeting which lasts three days so we will be away five in total with travel time (4 nights) We will be renting a car so Tom can tool around while I’m at the conference and then we can hang together in the evenings. I’m quite jazzed about going as I’ve got some good suggestions and I’m interested in other Client’s and their views to see if I can get some more ideas about changes to make to our sites. It’s a good way to network too, Linda got some good ones when she went for another Client conference.

I picked up Chris from work and got there a bit early. I had to kill some time so I went into a video store and ended up walking out after buying five more dvds. Lordy we are gonna be so behind in what we have to watch! Especially being good TV season. Oh well they were really good deals and movies I wanted so it was worth it. That killed about ten minutes so I went to the Starbucks and bought a coffee and sat and waited outside. Near Chris’ quitting time I strolled up to the store and saw him loading the outside displays onto a dolly to move inside for closing. I tried to take a covert picture of him while he was working through the window but he bent down at the wrong time.. sigh… Oh well I know for sure I shouldn’t quit my day job to become a spy….


Well gonna go relax now with a glass of the leftover wine!

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