Happy Thanksumbus Day

Yes today is Canadian Thanksgiving/U.S. Columbus Day, so happy whatever you celebrate…

I went for a nice walk yesterday afternoon. Nice to get out for a while even though there really is NO good walking areas around here unless you like busy roads or tons of cul-de-sacs and dead end roads that force you back out on said busy roads. I was feeling stir however and it was good to get some fresh *cough* air. I was walking with my mp3 player (no, not an ipod I have a cheapie 128 mb one that doesn’t hold nearly enough music but it allows both wma and mp3 files which is more than the Nazi iTunes mp4 format that only plays on iPods which is USELESS to me). iPods also don’t play wma files. Screw iTunes!

I found myself getting so into the music though that I had to restrain myself from bouncing or leaping along the main streets and REALLY having a hard time not twirling. I let myself go on the side streets though…It was a wonderful day for a walk, not too hot, not too cold. I did however discover that wearing a nylon jacket was a bad idea cos it made my arms feel sweaty. A light fleece would have been a better choice. Ah well next time.

When I got back I attempted to fire up the old pc which has Tom’s old scanner attached to it that’s running of an old OS (it doesn’t have usb, it connects via a parallel port which the new pc doesn’t have). Ack!! took me ten minutes to scan one picture and then when I attempted to burn it to a rewritable disk to transfer to this pc (and check out the quality)and it failed at 98% burn. Screw that!! Time to crack out and buy a new scanner. Doesn’t have to be fancy. I saw a good one for $99.00 bucks at the Futureshop, SOLD! We both have TONS of old pictures that we want to digitally back up before they disintegrate. A lot of the pics we don’t have negatives for. Some of them are of the Kids when they were small and I want to back them up to
Flickr. It’s a GREAT way to store pictures and is a back up back up method to the burned Cds we have. I can’t imagine losing these forever, time to get off our butts and get them done.

Other than the scanner, it’s time to put a moratorium on buying stuff because it’s time to start thinking about Christmas shopping and we don’t want to run the risk of buying (or planning to buy) something for ourselves that the other has already bought (or planning to buy) for the other for Christmas. Tom is the best at that and I’ve had to divulge a gift in advance because of it. MUCH simpler to just say no! The plan is to get the shopping done waaaaaaay in advance to avoid the Malls at all cost in December. We plan on buying the Family gifts for the States in the States and get them mailed off before the mail rush too. We can take one of our Saturdays together and make a run down across the border to take care of all that. Dealing with the Border for shipping or mailing is just a pain!

It sounds like Sean gets another day off tomorrow as the Teachers are still on strike here in B.C. It’s an illegal strike as they have back to work legislation but the Teachers are basically saying ‘screw you’ to the Government and possibly facing fines etc. I’m pissed it came to this because it’s effecting the Kids and the effects can get worse if this thing drags on. I feel the most sorry for the kids who are Graduating this year for many reasons, one being those that are on athletic teams. If there is no coach/teacher support the Teams will not exist and it may end up costing some of these Kids Athletic scholarships to College/University, screw up exams etc. There are parents now scrambling to find daycare or alternate daycare if they have young kids that aren’t school age but their daycare happens to be on school property. The Teachers say it’s not only about money, it’s about class size, that really the fight is to benefit the Kids. I would love to call them on that, have the Government give in on that demand and say no money, lets see if that would get the back at work… hahem!

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