K, totally stole this…

If you’re ever bored try this… go to google and type this in the search bar
“(your first name) needs” Of course replacing the words your first name with your yanno, actual first name but without the brackets and make sure you have the quotes ’round the whole thing. Only look at the first bit of the description that comes up…

Here is a sample of what I got:

-Belinda needs to reschedule vacation, come back, then tell them to pound salt
– Belinda needs all the heavenly help she can get this morning
– Belinda needs a Makeover!
– Belinda needs a focal point, and the recovering children need
– Belinda needs our help
– Belinda needs money back

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4 Responses to K, totally stole this…

  1. Tom or Thomas says:

    I did two versions and got:

    (oh come on…I’ve always been pretty open-minded!)

    “Jesus Visits His Disciples, but Thomas Needs Proof”
    (okay, this one pretty much sums me up!)

  2. Beezzez says:

    I googled gamed the girls at work, theirs were funnier than mine.

  3. tom says:

    Okay, two more:

    “Tommy needs more help”

    “Tommy needs a gag”

    (I’m assuming they mean a joke, and not a handkerchief covering my mouth)

  4. Beezzez says:

    Some of the guys *coughGEEKScough* at work in IT have several Google games they play.

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