Plugged sinks are gross

I made a chicken, veg ‘n mashies dinner last night and I had a ton of potato peels to dispose of. We live in a building that’s probably around 12 years old and the appliances (except for the dishwasher that we bought new when we moved in) are getting shall was say ‘seasoned’. I’m afraid of our garbage disposal because the filter is a bit ornery and likes to flip inside and the few times I EVER use it, it will gnash it’s blades and spit at me. Tom wanted to help so he offered to be on KP and tried to use the stupid thing. It burped, gnashed and then gurgled backing water up into the sink eeeewwwwwww!!!

He made a run over to the store to pick up some of that draino stuff and we let it sit and sit and sit and NOTHING. All night it sat and when I got up I checked.. NOPE still NOTHING. Tom got up later and checked (he’s on late shift) and still nothing. He went and bought a new plunger because the one we have has been used in toilets, he bought one of those fancy bellows types and still the water wouldn’t budge. He said we would probably need to work together to get it to work cos it’s a double sink and you can’t get the right pressure. He had to get running to work so it still sat.

I got home from work a little while ago and oh my gosh the FUMES from that caustic stuff were burning my eyes and I could feel my asthma start to act up so I knew I had to try something. I put on the gloves and bailed out some of the standing water/drain cleaner and flushed it with Sean playing flusher (afterwards leaping out of the way so I could pour) and then tried the fancy plunger and nothing. I said to Sean, ok that’s it and went running for the bathroom to my old stand by plain jane plunger. I screwed in the drain plug and held on tight and then plunged my heart out and I heard movement!! I kept going yelling at the stuff telling it it’s NOT going to win and then I heard a sucking gush and then WHOOOOSH there it went!!

After I stopped doing the dance of joy I told Sean I’m gonna have to reassure Tom that I will bleach the crap outta the sink!!! HAHA.

P.S. Hon, you loosened it for me *grin*

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2 Responses to Plugged sinks are gross

  1. Tom says:

    Oh the humanity…next time let’s just make Stovetop, Hon!

  2. Beezzez says:

    Haha well, I’m thinking we just use the garbage and take it out the same night, screw the garbage disposal!!

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