Evil Fridge troll

Evil Fridge troll
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Just because it’s friday I present our Evil Fridge troll…

AHHHHHHH Friday!! Was a good day today, I did a MAJOR purge at the office, going through a LOT of old projects and putting a ton of stuff in the shred it box. I’ve been working on projects since ’99 and I kept a bunch of Stuff that Brian did (only the stuff worth keeping) but there was old testing and gosh, stuff from Y2K for goodness sake that was clogging up my file cabinets. I have two of them and they were totally full.

Part of that was it was more stacked stuff that actual filed stuff.. well now one cabinet is mostly all in file folders. I’ve just got to get some old documents boxed up for storage that belong to another area (they were borrowing one of my drawers)and I will have tons more space to fill up with the projects in the year to come! Never a lack of work OFTEN a lack of space.

I’m a packrat when it comes to keeping work documents. I keep a LOT of emails, in fact I’m notorious for that. It has however, been a Godsend many times because I was able to put my finger on needed info that would have otherwise been hard to prove, supply, whatever. My Packratedness (I know that’s not really a word) spills into the paper realm too. It’s almost physically painful for me to throw things out or shred them. After I put some of them in the locked bin I almost wanted to dive back in after them to get them back. After a while it was rather cathartic… I didn’t get TOO carried away though.

We had our ‘Systems Lunch’ today, it was fun for the three of us to go out and chat. The food was good too, although the Dude that owns the place is really annoying. He’s known for being rather an obnoxious pig-man.

After we ate we walked to a store that sells costumes. We were trying to think of a theme to dress up for Hallowe’en but we weren’t all that successful. After seeing how much some of the stuff costs (wigs for instance) and with no real plan in mind we decided to do our own thing which may end up being barn animals (well if the other two dress up that way) I’m going to be a pig. Still trying to figure out the whole costume but I’ve got my ears and tail already….

Tom’s got the day off tomorrow (whoohoo!!) so I took care of Mom’s groceries tonight. I’ve only got a couple more weekends before I have to concentrate on getting Mom all packed up for the move to her new place. Thank GOD that isn’t until the end of November!

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