Random Scanned Pix

Scan10145 Chris and Sean 1992
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Scan10148 Chris and Sage 1989
Chris and Sage

I set aside a chunk of today to get scanning and scanning and yet more scanning. I’ve come to realize that I’ve barely put a dent in it and it’s quite daunting to think how long it will take to scan all that I want to.

There are many photos that I have that I rarely look at, or that wouldn’t be tragic to lose. These ones I won’t bother with because they have no real significance in my life.

Problem is there are so many that DO have an important place in my personal history, that are fun for me to look at from time to time and would be simply unthinkable to lose.

Many of these pictures are even now as I speak slowly fading away. Some of them I can enhance to some degree digitally, some I fear are beyond repair.

I’ve put a chunk of them in a new set Here called Vintage picture scans

A bunch more of the Boys are in Their Set on Flickr

Here are a few of my faves though..

Scan10096 Chris 1988

Chris’ unique way of drinking his bottle

Scan10146 Chris California 1989

Chris in Petaluma California 1989

Scan10086 Newborn Sean 1992

Sean when he came home from the Hospital. He was between 6 and 7 weeks premature and was in the hosptial for 2 weeks before he was allowed to come home. He was teeny!

Scan10078 Sean 1997

One of my fave pics of Sean

Scan10006 Me in the 'rents house 1982ish

Me after I cut all my hair off myself (rebellion yanno)

Scan10106 Daddy and me 1976

Me and My Dad circa 1976

Scan10104 Mammatin, John and me 1976

My Mom, Nephew and Me 1976

Engaged 2003 Scan10057

Tom and I after we got engaged

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