How hard is it to find a decent pair of glasses?

You would think in a place like downtown Vancouver there would be more than a few piddly-ass optical stores? I decided to bite the bullet and like a good little girl walk to the mall on my lunch hour and scope the possibilities for glasses. I looked up online the mall directory and found there were three different stores in the mall… OK!! Right then!

Off I went, found the ‘you are here’ map and figured out where they were all located. One was hopelessly small and all of the samples were locked in up a glass case. Oh yeah that’s gonna encourage people who want to browse.. ehhhh pass!! Found the other and it was also way too small, more of a sunglass place too. I was getting discouraged and then I found the final store which is situated close to one of the outside mall doors. It appeared to have samples on racks.. good, good. I walked in and a lady jumped all over me to ask if I needed help. “Oh yeah I need help” I said. “I need glasses…” well DUH what the hell else would I want, I’m staring at the frames with a rather overwhelmed look on my face. I go to grab one off the rack and .. well hell, they are locked in!!

Turns out they have to use a special key to unlock the rack, ONE column at a time mind you, so you can’t yanno, just pick up a pair at random to try on. Trying to be helpful she asks to see my ‘script and then says “Oh that’s fine, it’s not a really bad prescription, you can go with the lighter frames” Oh phew, no clunky frames for this chick. “What are you looking for?” She asks “Classic, coloured frames, frameless, funky?” I focused on the funky “NO NO NO, NO FUNKY, I’m not a funky person!!” Man that got me a funny look. I mean I had a funky period in my life where I coloured my hair all weird and cut it off and spiked it up, but come on now I’m pushing 40 and I’m a suburban working Mom, I want to yanno act my age at least in my appearance (can’t guarantee my behavior!!) Nothing arty-farty, nothing quazi lesbian chic, tough chick, hippy chick, buddy holly, nothing weird… it’s so not much to ask!!

After doing a bit of searching and wailing about the lack of availability of glasses that aren’t all small or narrow or all HUGE-ASS I was able to locate one that I kind of thought may look ok on me. They are ‘Jones New York’ frames but the trial pair was in Burgundy. I asked, and it turns out they do come in a brown which is more my cup of tea. I have visions of Sally Jessy Raphael in my head (not that they are anywhere near to that in looks OR colour but I don’t even want the same colour family). I got her to write down the model number in case I decide to go back and get them. I gave up on that store though, she left to help someone at the check stand and then forgot about me, as I couldn’t pick up any more frames to try I just handed the frames to another lady and left. I guess I can understand with the location being by the street and all, I’m sure it’s prime area for grab and runs and frames are sure not cheap, a pair of glasses these days can run you $300.00 with the lens included (good thing insurance pays for a good chunk of that.)

I have to go get the special glaucoma test at the eye doctor’s other office anyway and it’s right beside the big Lenscrafters store. I didn’t pass the basic test exactly because he says my eye pressure seemed ok but the little thing in the back of my eye that leads to the optic nerve isn’t the right size or shape for a healthy eye and I show signs of perhaps developing glaucoma. He said it consists of me staring straight ahead and him flashing things around my peripheral vision and I will have this push-button thing that I’m to push when I see the flashy things. Sounds interesting. I’m not supposed to look at them, just if I see them or believe I see them.. hmmm.

It turns out that the first thing to go in the peripheral vision with that eye disease. He said basically they want to develop a base-line measurement for me to ensure that there isn’t any change next time if I pass ok this time around. I’ve been told no more long breaks between eye exams. I think my last one was a good 12 or more years ago.. probably longer (my bad!) Needless to say I’m not exactly thrilled at this development, but I will be good and I’m not gonna worry about it. He told me they basically would treat it with some type of eyedrop meds to slow down any damage and not to freak out. I tend to worry more when it’s someone else I care about that potentially has a problem. Me, I’ve had my share of crap to deal with over the years medically and I’ve come through it all just fine. I’m a strong Viking woman >(;O)

Speaking of medical issues, I had a bitchen-sore migraine yesterday which totally bedded me. I’ve not had one in years and it caught me off guard. Tom was even saying he doesn’t have any recollection of me having one since he’s been here and that’s nigh on two years. I’m sure it’s been a while before that too. Blah! Hate those suckers because they really screw with you. Poor Tom didn’t realize when he spoke to me that morning that his normal voice (he’s not exactly what you would call soft-spoken) was like a BELLOW in my ear in my delicate condition. After I nicely shushed him he pretty much whispered to me from then on. He had to get up and help me dial the damn phone to call in sick because I was going through a major vision disturbance and I couldn’t see the phone pad properly. Gahh!! I slept pretty much the entire day which was a blessing really.

Today was what I like to call a brain-pain day when you’re dealing with the after-effects where it feels like your brain is slopping around in your head and each harsh or rapid turn makes it slosh over to one side and bump against your skull. I went to work and suffered through it, I was able to function. It was a crappy day to be sunny though. I would have been happier with clouds!

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