photography vs snapshots

My Boss bought a new digital camera which has 5 megapixles (2 more than mine harummph) and a really cool swively screen thing that IS THE COOLEST THING EVAR!! Why the hell don’t they put that on all cameras? I mean even my camera phone has an option so you can see what you’re taking if you are taking a picture of yourself. I am so incompetent at taking the ‘arms-length’ type picture of me and Tom or me and the Kids.. that’s such a no brainer feature! Especially for those of us that weren’t blessed with monkey arms!

Yanno though the problem with this bigger better Megapixles and resolution stuff on digi-cams is that I start wanting more and more and more, it’s like computers the minute you buy one there is something better beckoning it’s microchips at the geek in you. I mean damn when I start surfing Flickr and looking at what other people have (it’s cool if the person allows it to be displayed you can see what camera was used to take the picture)I’ve seen what some of those digital SLRs can do and OMG!!! It’s like looking at something right in front of you clear as a bell, especially with some of the macro photos it’s incredible. It’s a purity that the lower res cameras just cannot accomplish. What I really miss though is the manual control that you get with an SLR. I find having to push so many buttons to get the right settings on a pocket digital, well if you waste the time doing that you’ve missed your moment. Then the camera does too much thinking for you so again you lose the moment. Bah! They have to friggin bring the costs of those suckers DOWN or as Tom says, figure out some way to convert a film SLR (I have two of them and I know Tom has a couple too) to digital so you can keep the camera you love without the expense and hassle of the film

I guess though it really depends on how you approach taking pictures. I was for many many years very into photography, not snapshots but photography and loved candids of people one of the reasons I loved photographing Children. I have some great shots of neighbourhood kids and my own over the years when they were small.

Now I’m finding I’m taking more ‘snapshots’ which is good too I guess in it’s way because it’s important to me to capture memories but the photography bug in me is finding it not as satisfying in some ways.

I would love nothing better than to have a darkroom and enlarger and be developing film and printing my own pictures. That’s something that both Tom and I have in common so it’s gonna definately be one of our goals to put something into a house someday.

Gonna be meetin Tom after work tomorrow, gonna do dinner and then visit the studio. He’s going to drive me to the train in the AM if transit is going to be running! All this talk about labour disruptions in support of the Teachers who are on what amounts to an illegal strike action… bah!!

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