Camping in Hope B.C. 1983

Scan10137 Camping in Hope 1983
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Another random scan from my old photo collection. The set of camping pictures from my post-highschool single gal days really put a smile on my face while I was scanning them.

Not sure what was up with my hair in this picture, some kind of Joanie Cunningham roll thing going on there, but shows what being away from a curling iron will do to an 80’s girl!Back then these camping trips were the very first tastes of freedom and independance we experienced. Four of us went to Hope that weekend, Me, Laureen, her work friend Jane and… gosh don’t remember her name now, but a friend of Janes, and we had a complete and total riot.

Laureen who was my Best Friend at the time, brought her guitar and we sang and smoked way too many cigarettes and met lots of other young people.

Laureen and I borrowed her Dad’s old canvas tent which we nicknamed the ‘Mash’ tent because really that’s what it looked like. It had been mouldering in their basement for Lord knows how long and it smelled really funky.

The best part was, neither of us had ever put up a tent before in our lives. We ‘winged it’ and found we seemed to have one or two pieces missing because there was a pronounced sag right in the middle of it. It also slept 12…

Laureen and I found out we were sharing our tent with squirrels and other various forest creatures due to the fact we had stored a TON of snackfood IN our tent. We had to chuck a box of cookies as we saw little rodent fingerprints left behind in the box *gag*.

It rained like stink the first night and the other two girls who had the misfortune of sleeping in a pup-tent were flooded out, they ended up sharing the tent with us for the remainder of the time there.

We were all looking a wee bit rough by the end of the trip. Laureen and.. what’s her name decided to wash their hair in the ice cold river running through the site. Jane and I passed, vanity be damned!

Scan10139 Camping 1983

Last Day of Camping

Crazy to me that my Chris is the same age I was there. Where the hell does time go?

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