Due to the threat of a possible disruption in transit service we decided that Tom would drive me to the train in the am (as long as it was still running) and then I would put in my day at the office and then meet him for dinner halfway through his evening shift, then hang the rest of the night at the station and ride home with him.

It was a wee bit of a long day for me as I left for work at not quite 7:00 am and then Tom isn’t off work until Midnight but it was fun anyway, something I wouldn’t do all the time but once in a while it’s nice.

Because I had so much time to kill after my shift was technically over, I put in another two hours at the office and left just after 6:00 pm and walked around the mall for a bit which gave me some ideas for Christmas (cool!). I also picked up Tom’s Birthday gift which is now safely stored away (no peeking Hon!) There is just so much time I can stand in that mall though so I walked up towards the station and passed the Vancouver Art Gallery which is featuring Picasso at the moment. There was a really cool light display in the windows. Each one was randomly flashing blue and kind of a greeny colour and it was quite trippy so I watched it for a while. I grabbed a picture of it later but the quality ain’t so good. If you click on it and see it in the bigger form at Flickr you see more details.

Vancouver Art gallery

Vancouver Art Gallery light show

It’s hard to get a picture of something while standing on a busy sidewalk downtown, those darn people want to keep walking by.

I also checked out the new HMV store that replaced the Virgin megastore. That thing is freaking HUGE! I personally find it way too hard to find what you are looking for in that place. I’m sure once you get used to it there is some rhyme or reason to the set up but it was pretty confusing for me. I’m sure the selection is really good though, it would have to be I would think. There were a lot of repeat sections though, the top DVD and CD displays were on all floors and repeated a few times on each floor.

It got way too overwhelming though so I decided to hang out downstairs at the station until he was done. I was talking to the security dude, to assure him I wasn’t some kind of freak lurking there. He was very sweet and friendly, I yapped with him while waiting.

When Tom was on his break we met up downstairs and had dinner at the nearby Denny’s. We were going to check out this Italian place but once we saw the cost of just one entree we decided Denny’s it is!

The remnants

There was WAAAAAAAY too much food!!

After we ate we walked to the grocery store and picked up supplies for the weekend breakfasts and walked to the art gallery so I could get the picture. Tom had the foresight to bring my camera with him to the station (thanks Hon kisssss). I don’t know WHAT I was thinking to forget it, it’s so unlike me)

Walking downtown Vancouver

Walking downtown

I had a good time watching the process and talking with Tom and the Graphic Artist who was a really nice man and fun to talk with. They are a nice bunch there.

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