S-S-S Saturday

uhhh eeek?
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We woke up late, had breakie and goofed around in a nice relax-y morning then headed off (well Tom, Sean and me cos Chris had to work) to Langley to check out a wholesale appliance store.


My company has arranged for some kind of discount (builders prices) and we are DESPERATELY in need up upgrading our appliances. We did the dishwasher when we moved in because it wasn’t working at all but the rest of them are really seriously on their last legs.

They can’t be very energy efficient either, so in the long run, the sooner we get them replaced the more money we will save in electricity. I also don’t want to be in the position to lose all our food again if say the fridge dies (been there, done that yuck!!)

We think we are going to suck it up and buy them all at once as this supposedly will even save us more money by getting a package deal so we expect to drop a few K but it’s all good. We aren’t going to go top of the line, just good so it will help the resale value of this place as it’s really a flipper in the long run. Once we settle down in our forever home, THEN we will look at putting in the expensive CHROME stuff that we love so dearly.

see this fridge? I want one like it

Chrome Baby!!

We got a written estimate for the whole deal and they are going to get back to us for a ‘final’ price once they check out the details of the deal. They said the people they need to talk to weren’t in the office that day. It gives us a good idea for comparison though.

We then went to the mall and picked up a new pair of jeans for the boy. We figure they will last him another couple of months before he outgrows those too. Damn just bought the last pair a couple of months ago. Part growth, part shrinkage was the problem. I told him from now on when he tries on the pants they should be skimming the floor before washing!

I went for the ‘field’ test at the eye doctor’s other office where they make me look in this machine and push a button each time I see wiggly lines. As far as they could tell it was ‘normal’ so phew. Looks like I don’t have anything to worry about with glaucoma for now.

Oh yeah and hey, I finally picked out a pair of glasses. It was a rather painful process and I’m sure the lady was about ready to kill me by the time I finally found a pair I can live with. Tom and Sean poor things had to wait and wait and wait some more until I could finally make up my mind. I hate hate hate the fact I have to wear the damn things but I had resigned myself to it. NOW go figure, they don’t have the frame I picked out in stock and it could take TWO WEEKS until they are ready!

I picked up a pair of prescription sunglasses too as they had a deal, pick out a cheapie frame and they would do the tinting for free and there was a rebate of $125.00 on top of that. The sunglasses ended up costing like $70.00 in total. The real glasses though, damn they are expensive. Good thing I get some money back through my health plan at work. grrrr

The three of us ate mall food for Linner and then picked up Chris and drove both the boys to their Father’s then hit the Store for some supplies.

It was an ‘alone’ weekend night whoohoo!

After we got home we poured ourselves a drink and then settled down to watch a DVD. Tom picked Weekend at Bernies which I really really hated. This will be Tom’s Rat Race (the movie that Sean recommended that we hated) I dunno I’ve heard other men say they liked it… maybe it’s one of those guy movies that us females just don’t understand the appeal? It’s like Tom’s love for the Die Hard movies. I just don’t get it…well it’s something we both agree to disagree on, like music there is some middle ground with a whole lot of room on either end haha.

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