Caught unaware

Caught unaware
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Tom has this uncanny way of knowing when a camera is either pointed or going to be pointed his way. As I mentioned before I love to catch people just doing what they are doing and that is just not easy around Tom.

Of course it doesn’t help that the digital makes noises when it starts up or does that annoying ‘oh wait you can’t take this picture until I’ve fully approved the exposure’ shite that it likes to do. (one reason my old camera though low resolution by comparison rocked, it did as I fricking told it to, no independant thought!!)

Even when I’ve been all covert and everything, pressed the start button in advance, turned off the flash, full outdoors natural light photo that the camera can’t get too anal about…Tom will suddenly whirl his head in my direction and beam his gorgeous smile or mug for the camera.

Not that I’m complaining you understand. I mean he’s always been a willing subject and frankly deserves a medal for putting up with my constant picture taking, but it’s become my goal to get a natural photo at any opporunity, even at something as mundane as loading the trunk with the groceries.

A few moments before that however…


Not to totally change thoughts midstream, ok maybe I am.. but I’m in a mood today. It’s just been one of those days, one of those very LONGGG days too as I had to do the groceries for Mom today after work. I finally crawled in the door after 7:00. It feels like I’m barely in the door and it’s bed time tonight, well not really because I’m going to stay up and watch CSI Miami after Medium, I mean come on I have my priorities!!

It helps to just glaze and let the shows carry you away for a while.

Tom’s working tonight and tomorrow until Midnight. He does have Wednesday (Birthday day) off yay!! and also the weekend (double yay!!!) We are gonna try and do dinner at the Olive Garden for his Birthday celebration and he got his first B’day card in the mail tonight from Nan. All of his siblings have Birthdays in October how neat is that?

This weekend looks like it will be go to B’ham and get the US Xmas present buying done and mailed. It’s early but it will beat the rush and we can avoid the throngs of shoppers that I simply cannot stand. Then maybe, just maybe we can relaxxxxx before Christmas for once!

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