I need a vacation

Wow, yeah, totally. I can’t express it more than that title. It’s simple yet encapsulates my feelings completely.

Question…is wine a food group? No kids tonight so thinking me and Mr Vino are gonna get acquainted but not well acquainted it is a school night. Nights like this I miss having a bathtub. Our bathroom (the civilized Human being one) has a nice big walk in shower stall. Great, yeah until you want to just soak in a tub. The other bathroom (yanno the Kid’s toxic waste dump)has a tub, however without swathing myself in some kind of body condom I can’t bring myself to use it.

I am sitting here trying to type around 20lb Nutmeg who in his absolute and total feline joy is purring, shedding hair on my nice black sweater and pushing his face against my arm. He head-butts when he’s happy. His head is amazingly strong. A head-butt from him sends my fingers right off the keyboard. I swear he’s smiling at me.

I made it out of work on time today, or rather my brain had all but imploded and I saw no value in my being there so I got home earlier than usual. I have to head out in a few minutes to pick up Chris from his job and take both of the Boys over to their Father’s… whoops there goes Mr. Skittish off my lap, my GOD my sweater has grown it’s own sweater. Good thing I’m not going anywhere public.

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