Happy Birthday to Tom!!

Tom with his cards and gifts
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We went to the Olive Garden for dinner and although the service left a bit to be desired.. the food was good! We had the dippiest Waitress ever, she went with the noodle head Waiter we had the previous time we were there alone. Took FOREVER to get the salad!! Tom commented on how there was so many Wait-Staff in the area (it seems more than in the average restaurant) but they still can’t seem to keep up!

After dinner we tried to stop by the Best Buy but it was dark and closed! We saw some Emergency Vehicles a little further down the mall area so maybe they had an issue like a power failure, I saw life in the building near the door. We stopped by the Future Shop to do some comparison shopping to see if the deal we can get through a work discount at an appliance store is actually a good deal. We found part of it is, and part isn’t particularly the stove. Gonna have to do a bit more shopping before we decide. It may sway in the direction of who will take away the old ones if ya know what I mean.

After we got home Tom opened his cards and gifts that I got him. I got him a DVD of ‘The Girl Most Likely To’ which is the movie that he got the hots for Stockard Channing. He had told me about it a longggg time ago and when I saw it was being released on DVD it was a NO BRAINER!! It was gonna be one of his Xmas gifts but it arrived in time so I added it to the B’day booty.

Tom laughing when he sees it's a Stockard Channing movie

I also got him a Vera Wang for Men gift set. That is one of the SEXIEST colognes ever and smells REALLY HOT on him. I’ve gifted him with that a few times. It’s sold exclusively through Holt Renfrew here (a VEDDY VEDDY posh store). The first time I sniffed it on a sample I knew it would smell great on him and he loved it too. It’s mmmmmm.

Thanks Hon!!

Thank you Hon for being born! I love youuuuuu!!

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