Internet searches

Something I have found incredibly amusing is looking at my site visitor stats. I can see who’s visiting, well to some degree, I see the internet facing IP address and their ISP, where they are geographically located, or at least rather where their ISP is located which in many cases is the same place… but even better, I can see the internet searches that lead strangers or in some cases, strange folks to this page.

Search engines are a funny thing, you can get such a range of results, often nowhere near what you were actually looking for, because in the same site there could be someone with say the word, big and the word uhhh ok for example let’s use boobs. In my case I could be calling someone a big boob OR located on the same page I may be talking about a big event and then calling say people who drive erratically boobs. Some horn-dog does a search for big boobs and BAM they end up here.

In fact just today I checked and found to my delight was someone doing a search ‘tight pissy’. Now I’m thinking this particular horn-dog was not only a piggy-boy but also a lousy typist.. (or as least I hope so eeeewwwww). After sitting there in what I’m sure was anticipation they found my blog and my rant about being pissy…I would say PROBABLY not quite what they had expected to get (insert deflation sound effect here.)

There have been other searches, many for Stockard Channing! (Tom says which are perfectly justified and he says ‘see see it’s not just me’)other examples.. ‘man slave’, ‘personal toy’.. of course there have also been more along the same lines as ‘tight pissy’ reason enough for me to keep looking every so often…

We are off to B’ham tomorrow. We decided to take it easy today and just be slugs and enjoy a down-time do nothing, sloth type day. Tomorrow it’s trying to take care of the US Family’s Xmas gifts and get them off in the mail. My goal is to be DONE with Christmas, at least the stressful part before the end of this month. Crossing fingers!!!

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