Day Trippin’

Tom finally got a shot of us and the Anthony’s sign.. too bad his hand shakes!!
Originally uploaded by beezzez.

Yep we were down in Bellingham again! This time we went down with the aim to get most of the U.S. Family gifts bought and mailed off. Yeah it’s early but we may not get another chance before then to get down there with Tom’s hours usually be opposite of mine.

We took care of just about everyone so, COOL!! Of course what would a trip to Bellingham be without a stop at Ross? $90.00 Canadian netted me two tops, three sweaters, a corderoy jacket and a pair of pants.. LOVE THAT STORE!!!! Too damn bad it’s so picked over. Well probably a good thing cos if it weren’t I would be spending way too much there…

We did breakfast at the IHOP (where they gave Sean a lil kids cup with a lid for his milk (he was quite amused)

Sean rolls his eyes as they gave him a kids cup of milk

Then on to Linner at Anthony’s. In between of course it was the above mentioned Xmas shopping and clothing shopping etc.

Xmas shopping for the U.S. Family (and ok buying me stuff too)

Oh yeah we also so this realy cool mini Classic Car Rally, seemed to be a more casual one than a big organized deal but still cool to see some of these beauties. Too bad it was raining though we didn’t get a chance to browse too long.

Sean wishes...

After we ate our Linner we were doing a quick drive around and looking at the other side of the Marina. We passed a boat who’s name made me laugh. I asked Tom if he could go back so we could get a picture of it…

Ok had to take a picture of this one, asked Tom to go back

HERE on Flickr

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