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Dress up day at work today. Not too many people made the effort, less than usual actually but whatever. Halloween was my fave ‘holiday’ as a Kid and part of me still loves it. We normally do this traditional Tim Horton’s thing before the trick or treating.. but this year it was raining and both of the Kids are too old for that now.

Instead we picked up Chris after work and then did Rotten Ronnies and a donut ‘n coffee (well Hot Chocolate) run for dessert. We did the Krispy Kreme instead. In fact I’m sipping my coffee now as I speak.. or rather type. Mmmmm

What was nice was Tom was with us for a change. He was working it last year and this time had it off! He’s missed all the trick or treating years though due to either distance or work. Still got to enjoy part of the tradition though.

Too damn cold and rainy to walk around. Feel sorry for the parents who’s kids are still draggin them around out there…brrrrrr.

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